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YCUSD's State Preschool and Toddler Programs
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Child Development Programs

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Full-Day, Part-Day & Migrant Child Care

Would you like to be on our waiting list?
First, print the eligibility application and then...
Return completed application to the Child Development Office - 445 Bernard Dr, YC  95991
OR scan completed application and email it to Savina at

Office Hours: 7:30am - 5:00pm - Phone: (530) 822-5235

We are state and federally funded. 
Families may qualify for free or reduced child development services.

Andros Karperos Preschool - (530) 822-4454
1999 Camino De Flores, Yuba City, CA  95993

April Lane Preschool - (530) 822-5215
800 April Lane, Yuba City, CA  95991

Bernard Children's Center - (530) 822-5235
Full-Day, Part-Day, Toddler Program and Migrant Care
445 Bernard Drive, Yuba City, CA  95991

Bridge Street Preschool - (530) 822-5219
500 Bridge Street, Yuba City. CA  95991

King Avenue Preschool - (530) 822-5019
630 King Avenue, Yuba City, CA 95991

Lincoln Preschool - (530) 822-3283

1582 Lincoln Road, Yuba City, CA  95993

Park Avenue Preschool - (530) 755-3906
100 Morton Avenue St., Yuba City, CA  95991



All children are eager to learn when given developmentally appropriate opportunities.
  Children are provided an environment to develop positive attitudes toward self, others, and school through activities that build self- confidence, independence and responsibility. All of our teachers are well-trained and utilize excellent curriculum and teaching materials, which is appropriately challenging for students and developmentally sound.  The education of our youngest students is consistent and connected to early elementary school, preparing the whole child for future success.

Establish working partnerships with parents at the earliest stage of their introductions into the public education system.
Help build the foundation for the child’s continuing school years.
Provide appropriate activities that meet the developmental needs of each child.
Provide opportunities for families to access community resources.
Help parents become personally involved in their children’s education.
Inform the community about the program.
Utilize local agencies to provide services for the children

All child development programs include:
- ​
Educational programs designed to meet all areas of a child’s development.
Nutritional emphasis.
Parent education and participation.